Current Projects

UNTIL THE COW COMES HOME  –  Cold War comedy  –  Junifilm / SkalarFilm – nordmedia fund
THE TIME SHIFTERS  –  animated series
[Title TBA]  –  dramedy series   Rat Pack Filmproduktion
BEYOND THE SHEEN  –  TV dramedy movie –  Polyphon Pictures
ENJOY YOUR TRIP  –  comedy series (headwriter)    Lachwerk Comedy Collective
DOTCOM  –  comedic thriller series  –  Siebensinne Film
QUACKS  –  medical sitcom
JOHNNY SINCLAIR: GHOST HUNTER  –  animation series  –  youngfilmsMOIN screenplay fund
QUEENS OF HEARTS AND DIAMONDS   –  romantic comedy series   Tivoli Film
STUCK ON URANUS  –  science fiction comedy series
THERE GOES THE ‘HOOD  –  sitcom 
LAOTIC CHRISTMAS    festive family comedy
LACING UP THE GENTRY  –  historical emancipation comedy
DEVELOPMENT AID –  romantic comedy about racism