Hamburg-born Nikolaus von Uthmann began his career as a bilingual writer in print journalism and as a film critic for the magazines Prinz and Cinema (Germany), What’s On York (UK), as well as co-writing the non-fiction book MAKING OF – HOW A FILM GETS MADE. During his Media Production studies at Cumbria College of Art & Design (graduating as Bachelor of Arts with Honours and Distinction) in Carlisle / England he wrote, produced, and directed films, TV plays, animation, live TV shows, videos, and radio plays. For his black comedy LET’S STAY FRIENDS (screenplay&director), he blew up his car and won – but not necessarily because of that – the Royal Television Society Award.

Once back in Germany, he began working as a production manager, editor, assistant director, and copywriter for commercials. Over 15 years, he’s been accountable for more than 120 realised projects on 5 continents. While handling budgets from €25,000 to €2 million, he has mastered getting the strongest possible images and stories on the screen or ground glass for the least amount of money and effort.

Nikolaus von Uthmann has continued to write & direct several short films which are screened at numerous festivals around the world, receiving further awards. He successfully completed the renowned screenplay program Authors Stipend Nuremberg, gained a spot at the Tatort:Eifel Pitch, and eventually dared to fully enter the freelance artist’s life, where he currently earns his keep as a screenwriter, advertising creative, and translator (from English to German and German to English). Since then he’s been writing stories for cinema, TV, and commercial campaigns, for e.g. Saxonia, Tivoli, youngfilms, Rat Pack, and Mona Film.

Hardly a day goes by in which he doesn’t invent new stories, characters, or plots that are all held together by humour, heart, poise, and savvy.

Nikolaus regularly puts his bilingual writing expertise to good use, getting hired for translating screenplays and media concepts from English into German, and vice versa. He’s also translated other languages, e.g. French and Italian.

In his scarce spare time he’s a gleeful yet mediocre footballer, sings basso in the movie-inspired Bud Spenzer Heart Chor, enjoys fantasy & sci-fi roleplaying games with pen&paper or control pads, likes to eat and cook, travels when possible, volunteers at a refugee aid as well as for the NGO artists association Paul-Klinger-Künstlersozialwerk – and loves watching  films and series as much as possible.

And one last thing: Almost everyone calls him Nick.