Current Projects

UNTIL THE COW COMES HOME  –  Cold War comedy  –  Junifilm / SkalarFilm – nordmedia fund
WAPO BERLIN  –  crime procedural series episode  –  Saxonia / ARD
[Title TBA]  –  celebrity documentary series   Ufa Documentary
[Title TBA]  –  dramedy series   Rat Pack Filmproduktion
BEYOND THE SHEEN  –  TV dramedy movie –  Polyphon Pictures
ENJOY YOUR TRIP  –  comedy series (headwriter)    Lachwerk Comedy Collective
DOTCOM  –  comedic thriller series  –  Siebensinne Film
JOHNNY SINCLAIR: GHOST HUNTER  –  animation series  –  youngfilmsMOIN screenplay fund
QUEENS OF HEARTS AND DIAMONDS   –  romantic comedy series   Tivoli Film
STUCK ON URANUS  –  science fiction comedy series
THERE GOES THE ‘HOOD  –  sitcom 
LAOTIC CHRISTMAS    festive family comedy
LACING UP THE GENTRY  –  historical emancipation comedy
DEVELOPMENT AID –  romantic comedy about racism

Crime procedural with gamers + pirates

On 19 December at 18:50, my episode “Spree Pirates” of WAPO BERLIN  will be broadcast on ARD. My knack for nerdism and pop culture helped me with the writing of this case for the Capital’s water police. The result is an unusual case in the gaming and game developer milieu with an even more unusual murder weapon… Also available on the ARD VOD media library from 19 December. Directed by Oren Schmuckler, produced by Katharina Puttendörfer, executive producer Britta Hansen, RBB network editor Kerstin Freels.

Popstar Docu Series for UFA

At last I can stretch my journalistic muscles again! Hired by UFA Documentary, I’ve written a concept for a documentary series about a German popstar (who needs to remain unnamed for now), his family, and his next career steps. This series is currently being considered by a global streaming service of a creative contant company that’s almost as old as the 1917-founded media pioneer UFA. Further information at a later time. For now I’ll remain as quiet as a mouse…

Dramedy series for Rat Pack

Alas, I can’t reveal much yet – except that I’m also working on a series concept for Rat Pack.
It’s going to be funny, dramatic, heartfelt, and tastefully sensual. And I can finally claim that my chocolate craving were proper research …

LACHWERK comedy collective founded

This year I fulfilled myself a dream: the founding of a comedy collective! Together with my venerable and witty colleagues Orlindo Frick and Juli Pieper, I have been plotting in the writersroom since the beginning of the year, working on seriously humorous serial concepts, which we will soon be sending out to creative comedy decision-makers in a deliberate manner. We have a lot planned. Laughing, mostly. And writing.